Monday, April 30, 2012

Loni Love is bringing it to the StarDome May 3-6!

Just how funny is comedian and actress Loni Love? Ask both Variety and Comedy Central, both of which have named her among their Top 10 Comics to Watch, or Campus Activity magazine, which honored her as its Hot Comic for 2009. Love is not only one of the most hilarious and lovable comics performing stand-up on the comedy club and college circuits but also a busy TV host, guest and actress who has also appeared in films and dramatic plays.

Love starred in her own half-hour special for Comedy Central in 2007 and has also been seen on the channel’s “Premium Blend,” “Weekends at the DL” and “Chocolate News”. Her many television appearances include “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn,” “The Best Damn Sports Show Period”, VH1′s “I Love the 70′s/80′s/90′s,” “Vh1′s The Great Debate” and “Comics Unleashed” among numerous others.

Love has enjoyed a recurring role on the Nickelodeon show “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide” as well as guest starring roles on UPN’s “Girlfriends” and the CBS sitcom “Worst Week.” She was host of the “E! Wildest TV Show Moments” and guest host on “GSN Live,”.

In 2009 Loni became a CNN correspondent for the show “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News” covering the inauguration of President Barak Obama as well as doing correspondence for the “Dr. Oz Show” and ”The Doctors”.

MAY 3-6, 2012


Monday, April 23, 2012

ARNEZ J is Gonna RIP UP the Stage at Stardome!

Arnez J is an act you just do not want to miss! It is hard to put into words the physical comedy that this comedian possesses.  It's truly a sight you want to see firsthand!  "J is a whirling dervish on stage--he runs, jumps, spins, slides, slips, and mugs through a performance, acting out many of his bits while describing them," wrote Doug Kaufman in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. His idols are the classic television comedians of the 1960s: Flip Wilson, Red Skelton, and a performer who might be considered an unlikely inspiration for a modern African-American male artist. "There was never a nicer and funnier comedian to me than Carol Burnett," Arnez J explained to Daniel Neman of the Richmond Times Dispatch. "The Carol Burnett Show, to me, will never be replaced."

Television had a strong impact on Arnez J. After watching Superman one time, he tied a towel around his neck and jumped off the roof of his family's home, landing in some bushes.

In the late 1980s, Arnez trained and landed a job as a Continental Airlines flight attendant. His talent for getting a laugh from passengers wedged into jets made him think about a new career. "I entertained the passengers--always," he recalled to Bruce Westbrook of the Houston Chronicle. "If I went to San Francisco, I'd be a gay flight attendant, or for Boston, I'd be real hard and snobby. But people knew I was putting them on." His talent for impressions carried over into his career as a comedian, and he boasted to Kaufman that "I can basically do anybody I study."  Something you will have to see in action, as he is definitely a sight to behold, and truly hilarious!


APRIL 27-29, 2012


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Monday, April 16, 2012

This is a special kind of naughty... Thom Kaz's Hypnaughty at the StarDome April 18-12!

Thom Kaz, a Las Vegas based professional speaker, trainer and entertainer specializing in Subconscious Sales Training, Motivation Programs, and Entertainment. He has over twenty years experience in the field of sales and marketing, and has performed his unique brand of hypnotic entertainment and sales training for major corporations throughout the United States. In 2004, Thom completed a successful one-year engagement in Las Vegas performing his “Rock n’ Roll Hypnosis Show” on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The show was named a “Top Ten Best Value” by the Las Vegas Advisor, and “One of the Best” by USA Today. A combination of dynamic energy integrated with a solid stage presence and an entertaining show allows Thom to reach a diverse audience with the message that you can accomplish whatever you wish as long as you believe that you can.

In addition, Thom is passionate about helping children to become inspired to reach for their dreams. . As the founder of Home Run Against Drugs, and as a former professional player, he shares his story to motivate and inspire others to chase their dreams and make a difference. The non-profit program, which works with Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, elementary schools and youth programs across America, has reached over 250,000 children to date and provides over 25,000 personalized books annually to children, at no cost to the child, to encourage a healthy, drug free lifestyle and promote literacy. Thom also conducts his “Reach for the Stars” Assembly Program to High Schools to assist students in seeing the power of the mind and that by setting goals and focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t want, you can achieve success.

As a speaker, trainer and motivator with over 20 years experience, Thom’s personal mission is to educate and enlighten individuals about the power of the human mind, promote mind and body wellness, and to create powerful strategies and skill sets to foster a positive environment for leadership and success. 

ON APRIL 18-22, 2012


Thursday, April 12, 2012

SNL Veteran Chris Kattan takes the StarDome stage April 12 - 15!

Born Oct. 19, 1970, in Sherman Oaks, CA, Kattan was the son of Hajnalka E. Biro, a Hungarian model and Kip King, an actor who was a founding member of the famed Los Angeles acting troupe, The Groundlings. Raised by his mother and psychoanalyst stepfather in a Zen community outside of Los Angeles, Kattan and his family relocated to Brisbane Island, WA for his high school years, where the young man developed a reputation as the class clown. Returning to California, Kattan joined The Groundlings alongside future peers like Jennifer Coolidge and supported himself with a variety of odd jobs. After a handful of minor roles, including guest spots on "NewsRadio" (NBC, 1995-99) and "Grace Under Fire" (ABC, 1993-98), he earned his big break in 1996 when "Saturday Night Live" hired him. Quickly emerging as a nervy, aggressive asset, Kattan developed a reputation for comedic fearlessness with characters like Suel Forrester, the vaguely Cajun, gibberish-spewing drill sergeant, and Mr. Peepers, the apple-spewing monkey man. As meek Goth-wannabe teen Azrael Abyss, Kattan displayed a sillier side, while he earned laughs for a masterfully absurd performance as Mango, the temperamental stripper no male or female can resist. Meanwhile, he delved into a number of celebrity impersonations, with a wide range that included Clay Aiken, Al Pacino and Queen Elizabeth II.

Meanwhile, the actor made a memorably meta guest starring appearance on the hit sitcom, "How I Met Your Mother", playing the obnoxious film version of the show's main character, Ted (Josh Radnor). He regained some professional footing with a likable recurring role as Bob, the lonely but well-meaning coworker of Patricia Heaton's used-car saleswoman on the widely praised sitcom "The Middle".

                                    Chris Kattan as Mr. Peepers SNL

ON APRIL 12-15, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

SNL veteran superstar Chris Kattan at the StarDome April 12-15!

The incredibly hilarious and talented Chris Kattan along with special guests Finesse Mitchell and Jeff Richards are coming to Stardome April 12-15! Please enjoy the following article courtesy of Black and White's Chuck Geiss. 

Chris Kattan is best known for his career on Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 2003 where he worked with a memorable cast creating a diverse group of oddball personalities. His recurring characters included Mr. Peepers, Mango, Azrael Abyss, Kyle DeMarco from The DeMarco Brothers, Gay Hitler, and Suel Forrester (known for the term "dagitybo"). He may be best remembered for being one half of the Butabi Brothers with fellow SNL (and Groundlings) cast member Will Ferrell and their trademark head-bobbing.

He honed his skills beginning in high school when he realized he had a knack for the trade, later becoming a member of several improvisational comedy troupes, one of them being The Groundlings in his hometown of Los Angeles. His father was an original member of the troupe. His life has since simmered from the fast-paced life of New York City into a calmer world of appearances on popular television programs and a few stints in advertising commercials. For the past four months, he has been working on a national tour of stand up comedy. 

Black & White: Let’s get to the basics. What made you get involved with the Groundlings? 

Kattan: My Dad was one the founders of the Groundlings, and I would watch him on weekends. He was [performing] with Phil Hartman, John Lovitz, and I got to see Paul Reubens create the Pee Wee Herman character firsthand. There was a lot of character development and amazing improvisation. I probably didn’t understand the brilliance of it all at the time, but I knew they were getting great laughs and it looked they were having the time of their life. It looked like they were so happy. So I responded to that. 

Black & White: Were you the class clown when you were young? 

Kattan: Um, I think I was. 

Black & White: Have you always been funny? 

Kattan: I started with impressions. My first impression was Rod Serling and the Twilight Zone. I would tuck my lip under my teeth, and it was weird, but it was funny. But then I did impressions of Pee Wee Herman for a high school pep assembly. I don’t think anyone knew what I was going to do before I did it, but I got a lot of respect for being brave and that is where my fearlessness began. From there, I never felt like I ever had anything to lose. 

Black & White: Did you gravitate to comedy because of your Dad, or was it the art of improvisational comedy that drew you there? 

Kattan: My Mom never urged me to go in that direction, but my Dad did because he was in the business. She taught me other things, perhaps because she didn’t see that in me. But I thought it was cool. 

Black & White: Your characters are insane, what is that all about? 

Kattan: I’ve always been committed in most everything I do, and for those characters it was 150 percent all the time. I don’t know why I developed characters that we wound up using a lot [on SNL]. Many times Lorne [Michaels] would be put me in the sketch after Weekend Update because that was the part of the show that needed a boost. 

Black & White: Where did Mango come from? 

Kattan: My dog, a Dalmatian. She played this coy game of touch my back or swat my rear and her face would look over like she was sad, or just, ‘hey, check out my ass.’ But it was a mix of things. I invented the voice that went with it. Then, people at the show [SNL] went with it and added to the character. So, it wound up being the aspect of ‘you can’t have me,’ and ‘now you can,’ and back and forth, which is where it kind of goes over the top. 

Black & White: If I met you on the street would you resemble what I see on TV? 

Kattan: No. Women tell me I am much more better looking than on TV (laughs), but much more likable. My characters are so crazy. It was just SNL. And now my work is more centered, and I grew out of the phase of having to be so insane. 

Black & White: What is your show like? 

Kattan: It’s a séance. We speak to the other side. 

Black & White: Really? (I sense I’m being duped) 

Kattan: Who would you like to talk to? 

Black & White: John F. Kennedy. 

Kattan: Why is that? 

Black & White: He had a lot of sex. I’d like all the names. Look, this conversation is now more about me than you. Why is that? 

Kattan: At the beginning of the conversation, I really liked you and now I don’t. This conversation is going South fast. 

Black & White: Well, welcome to the South. Let’s just agree not to be friends. So, I found your SNL humor to be outrageous. 

Kattan: That was not my plan. It ended up that way. 

Black & White: I don’t want to be mean, but you are odd looking. 

Kattan: I’m actually very good looking. But I can do a lot of Jim Carrey oddball stuff and contort my body to do strange things. That makes me appear odd. 

Black & White: What we will see in Birmingham when you get here? Are you on a scheduled tour? 

Kattan: It is a tour. This tour started because some people asked me to do stand up. I thought well, yeah, I would be good, and I wanted to get some energy going in a different way, not just jokes, but other things, too. An agent came up to me with a game plan and within three months we got offers, and we received a lot of great feedback. The reason we are doing this is because we are being encouraged and audiences appear to appreciate it. 

Black & White: Do you write all of your own stuff? 

Kattan: Yes. 

Black & White: Are the shows the same from night to night? 

Kattan: Well, to an extent, but there is improv, too, depending of the composition of the audience, so I would say its about 50/50. Generally, I’m fine with improvising the act. There is a thing I did with The Groundlings, with Kathy Griffin, Janeane Garofalo, Will Ferrell, and they would just talk for about ten minutes as the egg timer would run until the bell rang. It was a great way to write and come up with jokes, and I was very comfortable with that approach. 

Black & White: Do audiences in different parts of the country respond to your act differently? 

Kattan: Yes, they do. It’s not extreme, but I do think there is a difference where you can get away with darker stuff and just saying whatever. 

Black & White: Just curious, do you know Chris Rock? 

Kattan: Yes. He’s a very sweet guy. Rather normal. 

Black & White: I don’t know what to think of you SNL guys. You all seem so intense and out of this world. What is like to be an SNL cast member? 

Kattan: We’re basically just bored. But most of us are surprisingly simple. It can be a very lonely place. Personally I found it to be an up and down land. 

Black & White: What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Kattan: I want to become my own best friend. 

Black & White: Wow, that’s deep. 

Kattan: I’d like to go through a phase where I really like Journey again. Steve Perry, you know, how do you forget that kind of stuff? I thought their songs were good, but I guess they do fit onto the ‘making fun’ list. They had the stupid, dumb, over-painted spaceship album covers, like space beetles. What do you think that was that all about? 

Black & White: Never was sure, I stopped believing a long time ago. So, what do you know about Birmingham?

Kattan: Isn’t it the home of the transistor radio? Give me a hint, is it cheese? I don’t know. Did Birmingham invent the piñata? Is it a nice place? 

Black & White: It is a nice place. I just wondered if you had an impression. 

Kattan: I used to date a girl from Alabama. She was a dancer. She had young pictures of herself with a tiara. Other than that, I sense it’s warm and muggy. Are there mosquitoes there? 

Black & White: There will be this year. But, hopefully, not when you get here.

Chris Kattan appears at The Comedy Club Stardome from April 12-15 along with special guests Finesse Mitchell and Jeff Richards, both cast members from Saturday Night Live. Tickets are available at 205-444-0008, or

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Are you an undiscovered comedy talent? Open Mic Nite could be your ticket!

We dare you to make us LAUGH! Ricky Smiley, Heath Hyche, Matt Davis, Mickey Dean, Joe Hobby and Henry Welch are just a few of the HUGE talents that got their big break through the Stardome’s Open Mic Night!!  
Do you hear that?! It’s OPPORTUNITY knocking on your door! We are talking to YOU, the funny guy or girl in the office everyone says should be a comedian!!  Comedy is a beautiful thing in that it embraces all ages, all races, men, and women… and every single famous comedian’s road began at an open mic just like this one.  So, if you have ever even considered the possibility that stand up comedy is for you, Stardome’s Open Mic Night is perfect for you.

They say in show business it takes one guy to make you famous. One guy who sees you and believes in you and jump starts your career. Bruce Ayers is that guy. Bruce has always been committed to opening the door of opportunity for up and coming comedians.  The comics who win our open mic contest get to perform on one of the most famous comedy stages in the country, The StarDome Main Stage.  If you win the finals you are guaranteed a paid performance as an opening act here at the StarDome.  The finals are judged by Bruce and CheChe Ayers, the owners of the Stardome.
We caught up with one of last year’s Open Mic Night winners, Jermaine “Funnymaine” Johnson. This talented hometown boy from Birmingham has gone on to entertain audiences across the southeast, and many believe he has the potential to etch his name in the history books alongside some of the comedy greats.  

Stardome: What were your experiences with stand-up prior to participating in Stardome's Open Mic Night?

Jermaine: I was traveling around the southeast with a national headliner just trying to make a name for myself.  Five minutes here, ten minutes there, just trying to get better by learning and growing my set!

Stardome: After winning Open Mic Night last year, you performed on the main stage at Stardome… what was that like?

Jermaine: It was UNBELIEVABLE! I’ve seen so many headliners on that stage and you hear about the Stardome so much growing up in Birmingham that to actually grace that stage meant the world to me! I’ll never forget it!

Stardome: Has your experience with Stardome opened up more opportunities for you?

Jermaine: Definitely! When you tell people anywhere that you are a comedian from Birmingham, their first question is ALWAYS "have you done the Stardome?" With that on my resume, people have started to take notice at other clubs, colleges, and cities!

Stardome: What advice would you give to potential Open Mic participants?

Jermaine: Be Clean. Be Respectful. Stick to your script. Have Fun. Get Better.

Jermaine is definitely a rising star in the comedy circuit and a true Stardome Open Mic success story.  To learn more about this great talent go to

Check out this video compilation of some
of our Open Mic participants in action!

Open Mic participants are required to have 5-7 minutes of clean, original material.  The best performers chosen from each Open Mic Night compete at a Finale Show with the winner given up to 10 minutes on the Main Stage opening for one of our featured acts!!   

Are you ready to make your mark
on the StarDome… and beyond?

Click HERE to learn more!

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Comedic powerhouse Aries Spears takes the StarDome stage April 5-7.

Ever since Chicago native Aries Spears was 14 years old, he has been a force to be reckoned with on the comedy scene. His quick wit, charisma and ferociously aggressive style of comedy have earned him critical acclaim, high accolades, and above all, a busy schedule. With eight years as a principle player on the popular sketch show, “Mad TV,” Aries is now starring with iconoclastic Damon Wayans in a brand-new show on Showtime called “The Underground”, a half-hour sketch comedy series to premiere on the network September 14th.

Referring to the riotous, groundbreaking ’90s sketch comedy show that launched careers for him, his siblings, Wayans says of “The Underground.” “It’s ‘In Living Color’ on steroids…it will be everything we weren’t allowed to do on broadcast television.” Dean Lorey (“My Wife and Kids”) directs Wayans and fellow writer/ensemble cast members, including Groundlings players Edi Patterson and Mikey Day (“Nick Cannon Presents Wild ‘N Out”), and Damon Wayans Jr., among others. While the show features recurring sketch characters, parodies of pop culture and a new generation of sketch performers alongside Damon, it also features more sketches filmed outside the studio along with an eclectic mix of dance, music, and other visual arts used as interstitial moments. There are also some fly-on-the-wall glimpses into behind-the-scenes moments showing how this show is put together and how the sketches develop.

Aries has also found great success in the world of feature films. At the age of 17, after being spotted in a comedy club, Aries landed a part in the movie “Home of Angels” which also starred Abe Vigoda and Sherman Helmsley. He then appeared in “Out Of Sync,” and portrayed Red Foxx in Warner Brothers’ “Why Do Fools Fall In Love.” In addition, he starred alongside John Leguizamo in TriStar’s “The Pest” and delivered his most notable performance to date as Cuba Gooding Jr’s brother in Columbia’s blockbuster hit “Jerry Maguire” directed by Cameron Crowe. Last year, Aries was featured in the film “Jiminy Glick In Lalawood.” The movie also starred Martin Short and Janeane Garafolo. In the movie, Aries was able to show off his impressive improv abilities, as the movie was nearly all improvisation.

Aries has received accolades for his hit comedy album, I Ain’t Scared. The album, recorded live at the world famous Icehouse in Pasadena, California, is a two-disc set, one with an hour of brilliant stand-up, the other with prank phone calls (way beyond and hipper than the Jerky Boys!).

As a principal cast member on Fox’s hit, sketch comedy show, “MAD TV,” Aries brought a fresh, hip style to the already edgy show. The producers made full use of many of Aries’ talents by calling on him frequently to write sketches and create new hilarious characters. Among the many recurring characters that Aries was famous for on the show include; Mother Love, The Klump Family, El Diablo Negro and Talkin’ American. Aries also boasted a number of uproarious impersonations on the show that include James Brown, Al Pacino, and his childhood idol Eddie Murphy. The Aries-branded sketch, “Talkin’ American” was “MAD TV’S” most popular bit the minute it hit the airwaves, keeping fans tuned in, and boosting “MAD’S” Saturday night ratings impressively. Aries can be seen in guest appearances on Fox’s “The Best Damn Sports Show Period” where he has created some of the show’s funniest characters.

Aries was born April 3, 1975 in Chicago but grew up in New Jersey. He remembers at the young age of 6 being the funnyman of the household and impersonating family members at the dinner table during holidays. By age 14, Aries was belting out his fresh comedy stylings in front of paying audiences at local clubs around his hometown. Shortly thereafter, he appeared on Russell Simmons’ “Def Comedy Jam” on HBO and “Showtime at The Apollo.” From then on, the word was out about the prodigal superstar and in 1992, Aries moved to Los Angeles. He quickly landed a recurring role on NBC’s “A Different World,” and was signed to a huge development deal at one of the major television studios. The following year, Aries starred in the short-lived CBS’ series “South of Sunset” with former Eagles’ guitarist, Glenn Frey. Although the series didn’t last long, it did not discourage other networks from tapping Aries’ talents for their projects. He appeared in “Crosstown Traffic” and “Brisco County Jr.” for Fox. Aries’ fierce momentum landed him on “MAD TV” as a series regular where he has been for the past eight seasons.

Aries continues to spread his comedic wings as an in-demand headliner at comedy clubs across the country. Additionally, Aries has made appearances on many talk shows including; Loveline, Vibe, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Soultrain and Friday Night. He has also lent his voice to an animated character on C-Bear & Jamal.

Aries maintains a strong connection to his African roots and is involved in many charitable events including a number of organizations that help abused women. He feels blessed to have been able to achieve everything that he has by the very young age of 32, but he in no way intends on stopping here. Given the extreme growing success rate of action comedies coming out of Hollywood, it’s safe to say that Aries Spears will be in demand for quite some time.

ON APRIL 5-7, 2012