Monday, February 21, 2011

It was only natural that Finis would go into show business. His father was a successful song and dance man and one time Vice-President of Sammy Davis, Jr. Enterprises. Being exposed to that kind of talent and encouragement, he followed up with formal training at the Chicago School of the Arts and Columbia College. In his early days Finis was a member of two Chicago singing groups, entertaining audiences all over the city. "First," he says, "I joined the Chicago Community Music Foundation. Then several members of that group got together, and we formed the Weapons of Peace." That group eventually recorded an album on the Playboy label. In 1980, he moved to Los Angeles, where he formed an alliance with Al McKay, former rhythm guitarist/composer of the supergroup Earth, Wind & Fire. He worked with McKay for several years and started doing comedy at night.

He says that every comedian hopes to be discovered on some magical occasion, and that breakthrough occurred for him in 1981 when he took to the stage at the famed Comedy Store in West Hollywood on Audition Night. "It was a star-studded night with people like Sally Field and Richard Pryor in the audience. After a bit of clowning around, to my amazement, Richard Pryor came on stage. Then Robin Williams came on stage. We do an improv together, and that's the first night of many nights things happened like that." Soon afterwards, celebrities started coming to the Comedy Store to see Henderson perform, and, on a night he will never forget, he got a special telephone call from Pryor's office, "Richard wants you to be his opening act for the filming of "Live On Sunset." This opened the door for opportunities of association with many other great superstars His growing popularity led to a recording contract with Motown Records. "I was with Motown from 1983-85," he says. "They brought me in like gangbusters, but I was there when the company was going through turmoil. There were personnel changes, and they were moving into motion pictures. My first album sold well." Henderson performed in the films Wired and I'm Gonna Git You Sucka. His television credits include performances on 227, Bustin' Loose, Dance Fever and Nashville Now.

Finis currently headlines all over the world in major comedy venues, casinos and on cruise ships. There is something about Finis Henderson's performance that makes him stand out from every other musical impressionist in the business; His obvious passion for entertaining uniquely combines with his elegant style and limitless talent. Finis delivers a clean, fun and thoroughly entertaining show. The marvelous gift he was given is now his gift to us... polished to perfection! When magicians refer to Houdini, they call him the "Master of Magic". We will say the same of modern day impressionists when they refer to Finis Henderson as the "Master of Voices".

Truly unique in name, truly God-given talent, truly an entertainer's entertainer!


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A taste of Mike "REDBONE" Alcott

"This job is great, to go around and
make people laugh, The adrenaline just
goes right through you. It's hard being a
BROTHER like me…"
Notoriously known for his high-energy stage show, Comedian/ Actor Mike "REDBONE" Alcott has been ripping up clubs and colleges all across the country with his quick wit and unpredictable physical comedy. REDBONE's greatest asset is his stage presence and versatility, being able to perform at Non urban mainstream comedy venues (COMEDY CENTRAL) to Urban comedy venues (BET's "COMIC VIEW"). REDBONE likes to brand is comedy as "COLORBLIND" COMEDY were all races, creeds, and colors can enjoy his performance and walk away with a smile on his face.

Hailing from Savannah, Georgia, he was brave enough to test his comedy routine in 1998 at Comedian Aukentunda's Comedy Bash at age 24 as a bet from a friend and has not turned back since. He won that bet and then some, now performing a steady schedule of comedy gigs around the country. A former Chevrolet car salesman, REDBONE is now tuning up audiences around the country and turning out an assembly line of demand and "BUZZ" around the entertainment industry.

REDBONE has been featured on BET's "COMIC VIEW" since 1999 and has featured as a headlining comedian on the RJE Urban Comedy Cabaret Tour, which is the largest and highest grossing comedy tour EVER targeted towards colleges/ universities. From UCLA to the University of Miami, REDBONE has been spreading COLOR BLIND COMEDY and LOVE throughout the country. REDBONE was recently casted in the motion picture "CRACKER JACK" that will hit the silver screen soon.


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Monday, February 7, 2011

A long time favorite of the Stardome - Matt Davis!

Matt Davis

Matt Davis is a firm believer that nothing is sacred… nothing is safe.
For over a decade the 28 year old comedian has been mocking conventional thinking and the status quo through his faced paced and often irreverent performances. Believing nothing is “off-limits” his material ranges from the  taboo and unspoken to the simple facets and truths of everyday life  all spun together by an off track train of thought at full steam ahead.
After first taking the stage at 17 Matt honed his writing and performance skills as the house emcee at The Comedy Club Stardome, a 450 seat plus venue averaging eight shows a week, where he was fortunate to work with such comedy great as Dave Attell, Dave Chappell, Kevin Pollack, and countless others. He has since performed in 2000 seat theaters working with artists such as Dwight Yoakam; and has gone on to log his own headlining dates at some of the best comedy clubs and venues in the country (The Funny Bone in Pittsburgh, The Punchline in Atlanta, The Stardome in Birmingham, AL to name only a few). He’s worked from Seattle to the Bahamas and everywhere in between. Including a two month stint as the requested feature performer on the “Mo Show” in Las Vegas where the Las Vegas magazine called his erratic on stage behavior like watching a “tightly wound spring.”
In 2005 Jagermeister sponsored Matt Davis for a four-month tour at the end of 2005 through the beginning of 2006. Around the same time, as a member of the writing team 5 Guys in a Garage, Davis was instrumental in the digital licensing of's catalog of animation and live action shorts. As he continues to both promote existing projects and develop new ones with 5 Guys in a Garage, Matt is also collaborating on several projects with others as well as writing and producing his own short films.
Matt also hosts and produces the bi-annual “Sinner’s Banquet” shows, and was the opening act for (and is featured in the behind the scenes of) Dave Attell’s “Your Mouth’s Not Pregnant” DVD. In 2007 Sony’s awarded Matt an Editor’s Choice award for his stand up video touching on Valentines Day, Pirates, and Prince’s Half Time performance.
Matt will be performing at The Comedy Club Stardome February 8 - 10, 2011.  Tickets are available online at  Learn more about Matt Davis at