Monday, April 9, 2012

Are you an undiscovered comedy talent? Open Mic Nite could be your ticket!

We dare you to make us LAUGH! Ricky Smiley, Heath Hyche, Matt Davis, Mickey Dean, Joe Hobby and Henry Welch are just a few of the HUGE talents that got their big break through the Stardome’s Open Mic Night!!  
Do you hear that?! It’s OPPORTUNITY knocking on your door! We are talking to YOU, the funny guy or girl in the office everyone says should be a comedian!!  Comedy is a beautiful thing in that it embraces all ages, all races, men, and women… and every single famous comedian’s road began at an open mic just like this one.  So, if you have ever even considered the possibility that stand up comedy is for you, Stardome’s Open Mic Night is perfect for you.

They say in show business it takes one guy to make you famous. One guy who sees you and believes in you and jump starts your career. Bruce Ayers is that guy. Bruce has always been committed to opening the door of opportunity for up and coming comedians.  The comics who win our open mic contest get to perform on one of the most famous comedy stages in the country, The StarDome Main Stage.  If you win the finals you are guaranteed a paid performance as an opening act here at the StarDome.  The finals are judged by Bruce and CheChe Ayers, the owners of the Stardome.
We caught up with one of last year’s Open Mic Night winners, Jermaine “Funnymaine” Johnson. This talented hometown boy from Birmingham has gone on to entertain audiences across the southeast, and many believe he has the potential to etch his name in the history books alongside some of the comedy greats.  

Stardome: What were your experiences with stand-up prior to participating in Stardome's Open Mic Night?

Jermaine: I was traveling around the southeast with a national headliner just trying to make a name for myself.  Five minutes here, ten minutes there, just trying to get better by learning and growing my set!

Stardome: After winning Open Mic Night last year, you performed on the main stage at Stardome… what was that like?

Jermaine: It was UNBELIEVABLE! I’ve seen so many headliners on that stage and you hear about the Stardome so much growing up in Birmingham that to actually grace that stage meant the world to me! I’ll never forget it!

Stardome: Has your experience with Stardome opened up more opportunities for you?

Jermaine: Definitely! When you tell people anywhere that you are a comedian from Birmingham, their first question is ALWAYS "have you done the Stardome?" With that on my resume, people have started to take notice at other clubs, colleges, and cities!

Stardome: What advice would you give to potential Open Mic participants?

Jermaine: Be Clean. Be Respectful. Stick to your script. Have Fun. Get Better.

Jermaine is definitely a rising star in the comedy circuit and a true Stardome Open Mic success story.  To learn more about this great talent go to

Check out this video compilation of some
of our Open Mic participants in action!

Open Mic participants are required to have 5-7 minutes of clean, original material.  The best performers chosen from each Open Mic Night compete at a Finale Show with the winner given up to 10 minutes on the Main Stage opening for one of our featured acts!!   

Are you ready to make your mark
on the StarDome… and beyond?

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