Monday, April 16, 2012

This is a special kind of naughty... Thom Kaz's Hypnaughty at the StarDome April 18-12!

Thom Kaz, a Las Vegas based professional speaker, trainer and entertainer specializing in Subconscious Sales Training, Motivation Programs, and Entertainment. He has over twenty years experience in the field of sales and marketing, and has performed his unique brand of hypnotic entertainment and sales training for major corporations throughout the United States. In 2004, Thom completed a successful one-year engagement in Las Vegas performing his “Rock n’ Roll Hypnosis Show” on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The show was named a “Top Ten Best Value” by the Las Vegas Advisor, and “One of the Best” by USA Today. A combination of dynamic energy integrated with a solid stage presence and an entertaining show allows Thom to reach a diverse audience with the message that you can accomplish whatever you wish as long as you believe that you can.

In addition, Thom is passionate about helping children to become inspired to reach for their dreams. . As the founder of Home Run Against Drugs, and as a former professional player, he shares his story to motivate and inspire others to chase their dreams and make a difference. The non-profit program, which works with Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, elementary schools and youth programs across America, has reached over 250,000 children to date and provides over 25,000 personalized books annually to children, at no cost to the child, to encourage a healthy, drug free lifestyle and promote literacy. Thom also conducts his “Reach for the Stars” Assembly Program to High Schools to assist students in seeing the power of the mind and that by setting goals and focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t want, you can achieve success.

As a speaker, trainer and motivator with over 20 years experience, Thom’s personal mission is to educate and enlighten individuals about the power of the human mind, promote mind and body wellness, and to create powerful strategies and skill sets to foster a positive environment for leadership and success. 

ON APRIL 18-22, 2012


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