Monday, July 30, 2012

Jo Koy Wants YOU at StarDome Aug 3-5!!

Named as one of the "10 comics to watch" of 2007 by Daily Variety, comedian Jo Koy continues to raise his fame and stature in the comedy and entertainment world. His dynamic energy on stage yet charismatic and approachable persona off of it has fans hailing him as "a comic for the people". While on stage, he mixes a lively physical presence with full energy, sharp observational humor, and inspirational-family-based laughs. His unique energetic stand up comedy performance is a big hit with fans of all ages and racial backgrounds.

In 2005, Jo Koy received his highest honor after his performance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. That night, Koy became one of only a select few ever to receive a standing ovation in the history of the show. In 2006, Koy was part of Carlos Mencia's "Punisher Tour" performing stand-up comedy in front of fans filling 10,000-seat arenas across the country. He also has performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, and Last Call with Carson Daly. His first Comedy Central Presents special aired in early 2008. Jo continues to tour nationally and internationally, with shows in London, Beirut and Dubai in 2009.

Born in Tacoma, a suburb of Washington, Koy has been performing and entertaining audiences since he was young child. Koy credits his mother for his comedic and acting talents. From an early age, his mother encouraged him and his sister (a singer in Las Vegas) to take part in school talent shows and impromptu performances in front of family and friends.

Koy is now far removed from the young-aspiring comedian who officially started comedy in 1994 on an open mic-night in a Las Vegas coffee house.

During the past ten years, he has starred in several TV stand-up specials from BET Comic View to Jamie Foxx Presents: Laffapalooza! He has won the Showtime at the Apollo, has performed in front of troops in the USO Tour, can be seen on various VH1 I Love the 70's, 80's or 90's episodes, AMP'D Mobile Phone commercials and has also received a second invite to the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal.

Jo is a regular featured comedian at the world famous Laugh Factory, tours the college circuit nationwide and performs in comedy clubs in Canada and the US. He lives in Los Angeles.

Jo's special "Don't Make Him Angry" aired on Comedy Central in early 2009.

ON AUGUST 3-5, 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

The very funny Shaun Jones brings his quick wit to the StarDome July 24-29!

For more than 16 years, the comedy world's senses have been tantalized by both audio and visual artistry. The young man known as Shaun Jones is making his mark everywhere he goes with his quick wit and fashionable flair.

Born in Newark, New Jersey and having lived in Los Angeles for a short time, Shaun now calls Atlanta, GA home. He has traveled abroad entertaining crowds using many of his personal life experiences to get a laugh. Like an accomplished chef, Shaun's comedy performances combine a cup of truth, a spoonful of originality, and a double twist of humor. When he takes the stage, he mixes his talents before the audience, bakes his show just right and serves up a unique dish to satisfy everyone's laughter appetite. 

Shaun has appeared on several television appearances like B.E.T'S Comic View, Black Starz "1st Amendment Standup", and Robert Townsend's "Partners In Crime-the next generation". He also was in the 2003 motion picture called "Shade" as the crooked poker player, Mr.Ose, Starring Jamie Foxx and Sylvester Stallone.

ON JULY 24-29, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bruce Bruce is "Losin It" at The StarDome July 20-22!

If you haven't seen Bruce Bruce on stage, you are missing some huge laughs!  You can make up for it by !coming out to see Bruce LIVE at The StarDome July 20-22!  His off-the-cuff humor will having you bending until you break with laughter!  For more on Bruce, go to this earlier StarDome Blog.

ON JULY 20-22, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Get ready for Rodney Carrington to rock-n-roll the stage at the StarDome July 11-15!

American stand-up comedian, actor, and country music artist, Rodney Carrington will be rocking the stage at the StarDome! Rodney has released six major-label studio albums and a greatest-hits package, on Mercury Records and Capitol Records. His comedy act typically combines stand-up comedy and original songs. Carrington has also starred in the sitcom Rodney and in the 2008 film Beer for My Horses.  For more on Rodney, link to this StarDome blog.

ON JULY 11-15

The Day My Wife Met My Girlfriend

On Marriage

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sebastian Maniscalco Knows What's Wrong With People...They Need to Laugh!!

What’s Wrong With People? asks Sebastian Maniscalco in his hilarious new hit standup special airing on Showtime and available on DVD nationwide on March 27th. In What’s Wrong with People, he brings his witheringly sarcastic and exasperated take on modern behavior and decorum, trying to bridge the gap between the Italian-American Old World he grew up in and the contemporary frenetic world we all live in today. The result is an original, highly relatable stand up comedy tour-de-force that has Sebastian performing sold-out concerts worldwide. His self-deprecating comedy reminds fans of a young Jerry Seinfeld who constantly challenges his audience to recognize the absurdities of everyday life. 

A native of Chicago, Sebastian grew up with comedy in his blood. After earning a degree in Corporate Organizational Communications from Northern Illinois University, he realized his passion for stand-up comedy and immediately headed out to Los Angeles.  While working as a waiter at a Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, Sebastian spent every free night performing at local clubs, bowling alleys and bars. He remembers being so bad during his first stand-up act that the audience jeered him off the stage by screaming, “Sandman! Sandman!” in reference to Showtime at the Apollo’s Howard Sims who would usher failed acts offstage with a shepherd’s crook. But, with a steadfast work ethic and impeccable comedic timing, Sebastian has risen through the ranks to become one of the most respected entertainers in the stand-up community today. 

As his career roll continued, Sebastian catapulted into the national spotlight with a 20-city tour for his one-hour Comedy Central DVD Special Sebastian Live! On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Sebastian has appeared as the unforgettable style correspondent providing hilarious grooming advice to unsuspecting airline passengers and churchgoers. His other national television appearances include the award-winning series The Savages, The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Lopez Tonight, Tim Meadows’ The Very Funny Show, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, Showtime’s Comics without Boarders, Comics Unleashed and Hollywood Uncensored. He is also a popular guest on such ground-breaking podcasts as WTF with Marc Maron.

While perfecting his routine on the stand-up circuit, Sebastian captured the attention of award-winning actor and entertainer Vince Vaughn who selected him to be one of the

four featured comedians in the critically acclaimed film Vince Vaughn’s Wild West
Comedy Show. “Performing with Vince every night for a month was the best time of my
life,” Sebastian recalls. With hilarious appearances from other renowned comedians:
Justin Long, Jon Favreau, Dwight Yoakam and Keir O’Donnell, the film became an
instant cult success.

Throughout his diverse career, Sebastian has worked with many other entertainment
legends including Prince, BB King, Al Green, Anita Baker, and Gladys Knight. In 2009,
Sebastian completed an international USO tour for the troops where he performed in
Guam, Fuji , Misawa, Iwakuni and Hiroshima . His sold-out shows at the Dubai Comedy
Festival and Lebanon’s Music Hall have solidified him as an international sensation.
Sebastian currently resides in Los Angeles where he can be found eating plates of pasta at Maggianos and working out new material at the Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard. In his spare time, Sebastian enjoys traveling, golf, cooking and fashion. He is active in various charities benefiting The Foundation for Fighting Blindness and Hurricane Katrina.

ON JULY 6-8, 2012