Thursday, April 12, 2012

SNL Veteran Chris Kattan takes the StarDome stage April 12 - 15!

Born Oct. 19, 1970, in Sherman Oaks, CA, Kattan was the son of Hajnalka E. Biro, a Hungarian model and Kip King, an actor who was a founding member of the famed Los Angeles acting troupe, The Groundlings. Raised by his mother and psychoanalyst stepfather in a Zen community outside of Los Angeles, Kattan and his family relocated to Brisbane Island, WA for his high school years, where the young man developed a reputation as the class clown. Returning to California, Kattan joined The Groundlings alongside future peers like Jennifer Coolidge and supported himself with a variety of odd jobs. After a handful of minor roles, including guest spots on "NewsRadio" (NBC, 1995-99) and "Grace Under Fire" (ABC, 1993-98), he earned his big break in 1996 when "Saturday Night Live" hired him. Quickly emerging as a nervy, aggressive asset, Kattan developed a reputation for comedic fearlessness with characters like Suel Forrester, the vaguely Cajun, gibberish-spewing drill sergeant, and Mr. Peepers, the apple-spewing monkey man. As meek Goth-wannabe teen Azrael Abyss, Kattan displayed a sillier side, while he earned laughs for a masterfully absurd performance as Mango, the temperamental stripper no male or female can resist. Meanwhile, he delved into a number of celebrity impersonations, with a wide range that included Clay Aiken, Al Pacino and Queen Elizabeth II.

Meanwhile, the actor made a memorably meta guest starring appearance on the hit sitcom, "How I Met Your Mother", playing the obnoxious film version of the show's main character, Ted (Josh Radnor). He regained some professional footing with a likable recurring role as Bob, the lonely but well-meaning coworker of Patricia Heaton's used-car saleswoman on the widely praised sitcom "The Middle".

                                    Chris Kattan as Mr. Peepers SNL

ON APRIL 12-15, 2012

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