Monday, October 6, 2014

Quinn Dahle Returns to Stardome's Stage Oct. 14-19!

Quinn Dahle grew up in Minnesota, finished high school in Colorado and went to college in Arizona. He stepped onstage for the first time while attending Arizona State University and left soon after for the bright lights of Los Angeles. People in and out of the comedy business consider Quinn to be a smart, clean and witty stand-up comic with impeccable timing. Young Mr. Dahle is already working in clubs, colleges, casinos and corporate events. Quinn has worked with such names as Robin Williams, Drew Carey, Dana Carvey, Norm MacDonald, Jon Lovitz, Bill Maher, Frank Caliendo, David Alan Grier, Tommy Davidson, John Witherspoon, Tommy Chong, John Pinette and Harland Williams.

According to Quinn: "People told me I should do stand-up since I was a kid." And it just happens that this talented young man comes from a showbiz family. Mr. Dahle Sr. played in the band Copperhead and had an album out in the early 1970's. Mr. Dahle Jr. decided he would rather write jokes than songs. Never afraid to jump in feet first, Quinn looks out for his fellow comics and actually saved another comic's life once while on the road. "I was opening for some fat guy at a casino in Nevada early in my career. He was about 30 minutes into his act when he started choking on some rock salt from a shot of tequila. The room was packed with about 500 people and they thought it was a joke at first. Then he came backstage pointing to his throat. No one else knew the Heimlich so I gave it a try. I could barely get my arms around him because he was so big but it finally came up. He told me I saved his life but I just did what any hero would do."
The future is bright for Mr. Quinn Dahle and he aims to have industry people know his name. Projects in the works include touring his stand-up act, constantly writing new material and breaking into television and movies.  Quinn Dahle will be performing at the Stardome Oct. 14-19.

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