Monday, November 12, 2012

Want to Hear the Truth COCOA BROWN Style?!!

If comics were made up of ingredients, and you took a dab of Richard Pryor with a dash of Jerry Lewis, a teaspoon of Marilyn Monroe and a cup of Whoopi Goldberg, you’d get a dynamic dish known as CoCoa Brown. CoCoa brings an energy to the stage that no female comedienne you’ve ever seen possess. Hailing from Newport News, VA., this comedienne is definitely on the rise to stardom.
With animated facial expressions, body gestures and the material to back it up, audiences are taken on a hilarious voyage through the eyes and mind of Brown. Whether she’s talking about herself, relationships or the world we live in, Brown offers a variety that appeals to all. One-dimensional she is not and you will never see the same set twice. “Once I get rolling, I feed off of my crowd, I love bringing them into my world,” explains Brown. “I believe in being able to give the crowd what they want and I’m able to take my set in any direction at the drop of a dime.” Versatile Brown can deliver on command a squeaky clean ‘there’s-deacons-in-the audience’ type of show and then make a 360-degree turn and give a show that would make even Redd Foxx blush.

Delivering an honest and humorous show, Brown has generated a large and loyal following. Audiences not only get a great show, but they feel as though they have gained a friend. She has a style that relates to both women and men. Brown’s energy and warmness on and off the stage has earned her DC Comedienne of the Year.

Brown has performed in front of a variety of audiences including Kennedy Center Honors Richard Pryor, Def Comedy Jam Tour and she has toured with Bill Bellamy’s “Who’s Got Jokes” competition. She has appeared on nine consecutive seasons on BET’s Comic View, twice being voted “Funniest Female” on the popular show and was reigning champion in the Comedy TKO on Showtime at the Apollo, and she has appeared on the Starz in Black comedy series “The 1st Amendment”, produced by Martin Lawrence. She has also been featured on Comedy Central’s “Comic Groove” with Tracy Morgan and is a featured comedian on BET’s new stand up show, “One Mic Stand”.

Her film credits include “Lakeview Terrace” with Samuel L. Jackson, “American Carol” with Kelsey Grammar, “Hittin’ the Bricks” with Dr. Dre, “Blue Moon”, “Robbin’ in da Hood” and “Mahogany Blues”. She also appeared in the cutting edge comedy “Biting Personalities at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival”. Also, Cocoa is slated to star in director John Singleton’s new film, “Fight for Love” with Tyrese Gibson and Oscar nominee Taraji P.Henson.

Cocoa has worked on many TV projects in which she always brings her unique personality through in all her characters. Her television credits show the wide range Cocoa is capable of playing. From concerned parent on “The Young and The Restless,”, to the sassy receptionist on NBC’s “Las Vegas” to the baker with allergies to chocolate on “ER”, to the cheeky mail lady on AMC’s “Breaking Bad” . But Cocoa will always stay true to her love for “funny” and sketch comedy. She’s been Star Jones on Nick Cannon’s “Short Circuitz”, a “spooky” beautician on Ashton Kutcher’s “Room 401″ and a Judge from hell on “Next”, all on MTV, to Morgan Freeman’s Mom and Barack Obama’s BIGGEST fan on Frank Caliendo’s sketch show, “Frank TV”, to the queen of ghetto beat downs on the news sketch show “Chocolate News”, created by David Allen Grier, on Comedy Central. She also said what EVERYONE wanted to say about Delicious’ behind on the second season of VH1′s “Flava of Love."

Commercially she has appeared in a wide range of national and regional advertisements. Cocoa was the 2006 spokesperson for SBC-AT&T Wireless internet she made you choose Foster Farms chickens after choking an imposter in the Foster Farm campaign and as the cell phone obsessed Mom for Albertson’s supermarkets.

She is also currently writing her book and preparing her one-woman show, “Confessions of a Suicidal Diva ®” and “Taboo®”. Ms. Cocoa Brown is one busy young lady!

Cocoa is also a popular columnist, writing for publications like Honey and In the Mix magazines on a monthly basis, and has written numerous half hour comedy scripts, including the smash hit webisode series “The Raynecat Show”, in which Cocoa plays the crazy, keeping it too real character of “ LaTanya”. Her episode, “Church in a Box” can be seen on the popular outlet, YouTube, which is getting major hits each day. She also is a series regular on the new web series, “Curls”, where she plays the kind of trainer at the local gym that every woman can relate to.. She actually eats!”

But stand up comedy is Cocoa’s first love and she continues to tour throughout the country performing at clubs and colleges. She has also traveled abroad to Europe and Asia as well as to the Caribbean and Latin America where she continues to receive rave reviews. Cocoa’s motto is “Making the world laugh, one truth at a time”, and she is doing it and doing it well.

ON NOVEMBER 23-24, 2013

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