Monday, August 6, 2012

All Hail the Queen of Comedy!! Adele Givens Graces the StarDome With Laughter August 10-12!

On February 3rd, 1990, a Queen was born again. On that date comedian Adele Givens made her professional stand-up debut at the Regal Theater in Chicago. Since that day comedian Adele Givens has not ceased to amaze her fans and peers alike. Almost immediately her peers dubbed comedian Adele Givens the Queen of comedy. The name stuck and it's no wonder, with such credits as Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam, The All-Stars of Def Comedy Jam, The Bad Girls of Def Comedy Jam and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Comedian Adele Givens has reigned supreme all right..

It wasn't long before comedian Adele Givens made her acting debut, guest-starring in such sitcoms as "Martin", "Moesha", "The Steve Harvey Show", "The Parkers", a recurring role on "The Tracy Ullman Show", a series regular on the hit UPN sitcom "The Hughley's", to name a few. Loving her newfound tree, comedian Adele Givens branched out to do her very own morning radio show (The Howard MaGee and comedian Adele Givens Morning Show on WGCI) in Chicago, but not before filming her first movie role as "Tricks" in "The Player's Club". Before long, HBO recognized her majesty by offering her a chance to do her own HBO half-hour comedy special and television pilot "The Adele Givens Show". She also served as co-host of the Source Magazine Awards pre-show on UPN. Lately, comedian Adele Givens has been wowing audiences everywhere on the very successful Queens of Comedy Tour.

Who could be surprised, after the massive success of the tour's movie and the Grammy nominated Queens of Comedy soundtrack. It wouldn't take Miss Cleo to tell what to expect for the tour, as if comedian Adele Givens hasn't sprouted enough branches on her royal tree, she recently embarked on her latest leaf, spoken word, an artistry derived from poetry and giving new meaning to the term "poetry in motion". Until you've heard her rhythmic, inspiring work, you have not indulged.

On February 3rd, 1990, Adele was crowned Queen as the winner of the crown royal comedy competition at the Regal Theater in Chicago, and 22 years later, she is still living up to that crown!

                                    Warning...Video uses strong language...

AUGUST 10-12, 2012

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