Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Birmingham's Heath Hyche is back to entertain this December!

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A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Heath Hyche was bitten by the acting bug when he wore a giant orange costume as his high school’s mascot, even though the school’s nickname was the Vikings. His first big break came when he was at Auburn University and won “The Funniest Person on Campus” contest.

Heath's show can best be described as a high-energy sketch show. Quick-change costumes, original music, sound effects, and cleverly constructed props and scenery, enable Heath to take the audience on a journey through his vivid imagination to meet a cavalcade of manic characters. Crowd favorites include Spartacus Dunkleburger's 85 yard touchdown in a 1937 college All-Star Bowl game, to a modern day fire and brimstone revival with the charismatic, Reverend Jonah Dean Coolidge.

From there Hyche performed at an open-mic audition at the Birmingham Comedy Club and has been a working standup ever since. After being discovered by an agent during a gig at the Comedy Store in LA, his first television role was on Roseanne’s “Saturday Night Special.” The neophyte found himself auditioning for the female comedy legend who cast him on the show.
Soon, Hyche was back in Alabama, preparing for a cross-country drive and trying to figure out what a “table read” is.

Other credits include an appearance on Two Guys and a Girl, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and These Old Broads, with Shirley MacLaine, Joan Collins, Elizabeth Taylor, Debbie Reynolds and Jonathan Silverman. He was a regular on Style and Substance, with Jean Smart and Nancy McKeon. Recent pilots include Jack’s House and a leading role in Mark of Greatness. On the big screen, Hyche appeared in the films Man on the Moon and The Odd Couple II. Hyche is single and lives in LA, where he collects toys from his childhood, including Star Wars memorabilia.

                              Heath as Matthew McConaughey..Hilarious!


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