Monday, August 22, 2011

Sweet as a honey glazed ham and as hot as a Tabasco chili pepper... it's The "Ragin Cajun" John Morgan!!

When trying to come up with the best way of describing comedian John Morgan, the phrase "Ragin' Cajun" comes to mind. Most likely that's because this is how he's often addressed, but a nickname like that isn't just given out, it has to be earned. Imagine mixing a tent revival with zydeco music and C4. It’s not hard to envision John Morgan starting his own mega-church.

A native of Louisiana, Morgan is a southern boy who's got a lot to say about his home region. He does so with an easy rapport, straight shooting southern charm, and an outrageous amount of comic energy. The "Ragin' Cajun's" physical antics on stage are like a 5 year old after a 6-pack of Red Bull! He'll have you howling "HOOOWEEE, he's good!" When asked how he would describe himself John replied, “Positively motivated. It doesn’t mean I’m in agreement with everybody. But what I believe, I’m positively motivated”. You've seen him on HBO, Showtime, and MTV... now see this red-hot chili pepper live!
Here’s why John Morgan is a house favorite..he’s one of those rare comics that can play any stage any time with any audience. “We are privileged”, Mr. Morgan went on to say, “when we are able to keep our own thought process and refocus it in a style the audience will accept”.

And the Ragin Cajun enjoys bringing the heat when he steps on stage. You can see the glee in his eyes. No political correctness for this comic. If he were a Cajun spice, he’d be the kind that would make you ‘slap ya mama’.

SEPTEMBER 6-18, 2011


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