Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June's Mid-Week Mayhem!

Take a look at Stardome's mid-week acts coming up for the month of June!  Laughing isn't just for weekends AND at just $9.75 a ticket this is the one of the most affordable nights out in town!

Mike Speenberg
June 7-9

Conceived in the back of a '69 Firebird and raised on hush puppies and fried bologna, comic Mike Speenberg has taken his own unique brand of generational comedy all over the country, sharing the stage with other comedic greats like Mitch Hedberg, Lewis Black, Dave Attell, and Bob Saget.

Fueled by stories of home and family, love of country, and being drunk in public, Speenberg's comedy hits home with everyone of us who have lived through crazy step-parents, above ground pool parties, and square pizza with canned corn.

Donna Carter
June 15-16

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Donna Carter's long and illustrious comedy career began at the age of three, when she realized her ability to make the garbage man laugh.  Donna combines being a single mom belonging to a liberal Baptist congregation with a string of dysfunctional relationships, her loud, friendly lack of inhibition, and a genuine desire to entertain, and you've got…well…. comedy. 

She has been entertaining virtually every week at clubs all over the country, and in September 2002, was given an opportunity to have her standup filmed for a documentary to be released within a few months.  You can check out her website at for more funny!

James Sibley
June 21-22
James Sibley is a favorite across the U.S.A. With regular appearances on
Bob & Tom Radio, The John Boy & Billy Big Show and XMSirrus Radio its sure you've heard him before. Maybe you have seen him on NBC's "My Name is Earl" or with Billy Bob Thornton in "Mr Woodcox".
A divorced father of four, James draws from experiences we all share everyday bringing the mundain to hilarity. With a "sitting in the living room talking" feel to his shows, audiences across the country instantly fall in love with this regular old guy down the street delivery. Come see for yourself why audiences all over America are wondering "When is James Sibley coming back to town"? For more about James' comedy, videos, radio appearances, and then some.. you can check out his website at 

Come and check out one or more of these great comedy
talents during the month of June at the Stardome! 

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