Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are you the next big thing in comedy?

Do family and friends often tell you that you’re so funny that you should be a stand-up comedian? Do you enjoy the rush of being up on stage?  If you answered yes to both of these questions then we are looking for you!

Aerojeff hosting a recent
Open Mic Night at the Stardome
Sign up for Comedy Club Stardome’s Open Mic Night and put your funny where your mouth is!  Who knows, after your 5 minutes at the mic, you might be the next big thing (or not)!  You can bring your family and friends out to cheer you on, tickets are cheap (just $5 bucks). If it turns out that you are only funny to your family then at least they will be there to laugh and cheer… and you won’t have to hear the dreaded and imaginary cricket noise.

Jacob, a semi-finalist.
The Comedy Club’s Open Mic Night is held twice a month at the Stardome within the intimacy of our Broadway Room.  With a maximum capacity of 70 people, it’s the perfect place to test your funny without hyperventilating with stage fright! To participate, you will need 5-7 minutes of clean, original material. For those of you whose material was once clean and has since taken a more risque road (you know who you are), scrub it clean or you may be subject to the “barb list” which is unfunny and uncool.

Open Mic Night is a competition and a judge in the audience will choose the best performers of the night based on stage presence, audience connection and response. The semi-finalists will then compete at the Open Mic Finale Show with the final winner receiving the awesome opportunity to perform up to 10 minutes on the Main Stage (who knows who you might be opening for)!!
Charles Williams, a recent winner
who is moving on to the next level.
Ok, funny people! Sign up online at the Comedy Club Stardome’s website or by calling the Open Mic Coordinator, Marketing Assistant, and himself a Stand-up Comedian of 8 years, Spencer Morton at (205) 948-0008. 

Who knows? You could soon join the ranks of Sinbad, Matt Davis, Mickey Dean, and Henry Welch…all stars who got their big break at the Comedy Club Stardome’s Open Mic Night... and you could be next!  It takes all kinds of humor to make the world go around, or at least to make it funny!  Your funny bone could be the one… and unlike gymnastics, it’s never too late to be funny!

Written by: Summer Park

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